Dear Cee Lo

Trigger Warning: Discussions of sexual violence below.

cee lo

Dear Cee Lo,

Dude, seriously? I am so disappointed in your actions that I almost don’t even know where to begin. You have just gotten off from some charges stemming from a 2012 accusation of sexual assault. And rather than quietly going off into the night as one might expect, you have proceeded to open your mouth and stuff your entire foot into in it in your rush to defend yourself. But your “righteous indignation” sounds more like the unreasonable rants of a guilty person.

First, let’s set the record straight, because your “definition” of rape not only leaves much to be desired, it’s also patently wrong. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “rape” as the following:

“Originally and chiefly: the act or crime, committed by a man, of forcing a woman to have sexual intercourse with him against her will, esp. by means of threats or violence. In later use more generally: the act of forced, non-consenting, or illegal sexual intercourse with another person; sexual violation or assault.”

It’s pretty clear. The OED has even given us historical context. But I know you don’t need this definition. You might be acting thick, but I know that you have more sense than God gave a goat. But, oh no, you want to get on the social media act a complete fool. Case in point, when you tweeted this gem of wisdom:

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously…People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

What in the entire everlasting fuck?

Rape is inextricably tied to issues of consent. You don’t have to get hit over the head or be held up at knifepoint to be sexually assaulted. You can be assaulted in your bedroom by a family member, friend, or boo. You can get assaulted while drunk at a party. You could be kicking it with someone and they can slip you some ecstasy.  Whatever the case may be there are, unfortunately, lots of ways to get raped, but it is never, ever, ever, the victim’s fault. Never. We are not entitled to other people’s bodies even if they are WITH us, as you have stated—even if they accept our rides, come to our homes, wear a short skirt, get naked, smoke that shit, hit that blunt, pop a molly, or engage in any number of other activities. Period.

Look, I’ve been a fan of your work for years—since Goodie Mob—and I don’t doubt your musical genius. That does not matter today, in this moment. What you did was defend rape and there is no excuse for that. And I know your supporters and other apologists for rape culture (I’m looking at you, dear Whoopi) will be quick to defend you. So be it. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t take you to task for what I know ain’t right. Oh, and that half-assed apology was for the birds. Try again.

Plus, now there is a woman out there being talked about, dragged through the mud, while she is trying to heal. All the while the public, myself included, have been more focused on your shenanigans. This has got to stop.

Educate yourself. Watch No! The Rape Documentary. Read Yes Means Yes. Support rape crisis centers and other organizations that support rape survivors, such as A Long Walk Home, with your coins. Think energetically about consent and what it means. Stop blaming victims and survivors. Get a therapist. Talk to your God. Whatever it takes, but get your shit together.

With a thousand side eyes,


13 thoughts on “Dear Cee Lo

  1. It is a shame, I always felt somewhat understood by this man from some of his lyrics, especially in Gnarls Barkley. To see this stuff happening is really heart breaking. Perhaps he doesn’t share in our trauma after all… I hope he takes your suggestions and shapes up. Thanks for this.

  2. In other words, “man up,” apologize and learn about rape. And never say dumb and ignorant things about a subject you know nothing about. You never REALLY get over it. I haven’t.

  3. Very well said….I agree and it makes me sick to think that if he wasn’t in the public eye as a talented performer …this would not have happened…to be a pompous ass and defend rape is a disgrace …there will be a boycott of his music in my home forever…you made your dirty mess, but you can never clean it up completely…the stink will always be there!!!

  4. That was awesome
    Crunk said it all and hit all the right points. I am aa sexual assault survivor and Cee Lo is an angry bitter BITCH!!!! I can’t stand ANYONE WHO TRIES TO JUSTIFY RAPE!!!! It is a reprehensible crime upon another human being. It is so hard to stay objective when dealing with these type of “stupid” men who are clearly so uneducated about how to treat a woman as though she is something to treasure not to trample upon or “trash talk!!” I wonder what his mama would think??? And Whoopi? Was she there? Did she witness this encounter or RAPE?? I DOUBT IT!! So she needs to keep her lips SHUT!!! This poor survivor is suffering because another celebrity got away with RAPING an innocent woman. When will money stop buying justice for creeps like Cee Lo??? We need tougher laws. Laws protecting the survivor…not the perps. I don’t know of ANYONE who would want their name slung around in the mud, their reputation put on the line, or to be publicly humiliated just to try and gain something from their RAPIST!!! Quite the opposite I’m afraid. Thousands of rapes go unreported every year due to these very realistic fears. Women are afraid to report a sexual assault to police for a multiple different reasons. But many, many times the RAPIST GOES FREE. She goes through so much pain and torment trying to put this person away, just to be shut down by a floundering and outdated judicial system. I work as a Victim’s Advocate now. Women who are sexually assaulted have the RIGHT to resources, hotline numbers, and a trained SANE. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner who specializes in obtaining rape kits. The survivor is also allowed a victims advocate to be with them at ALL times during procedures and questioning. We are there for them. To listen and BELIEVE THEM!!!! God Bless this young lady and shall Cee Lo get what’s coming to him in spades!!!! PRICK!!!!

  5. I cant even believe this is a topic/situation that needed to be written about. This simply leads to me getting rid of the music I own of Ceelo, no doubt. Rape is rape and I dont give two lovely shits if you put a bow on it and try to call it something else. If there are two consenting bodies then they also need to be present, aware, conscience and able to speak clearly.

    I dont even know what to say about the comments Whoopi has made. Whoopi has always been a grand celebrity for me. I have looked up to them in a variety of ways. I almost feel like crying. But I know most of it stems from the fact that I cant seem to fully comprehend WTF is going on with my black folks, within a variety of genres and daily life.


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