Remember the Time?

An archive of past CFC events and panels.


April 18-20, 2013, Greensboro, NC

Who:  CFs Moya (moyazb) and Whitney (wpeeps)

What:  SEWSA

Where:  Elliott University Center, UNCG Campus

Sponsor:  The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, the 2013 conference of the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association


April 16, 2013, Spartanburg, SC

Who:  CF Moya (moyazb)

What:  “Digital Alchemy: The Transformative Magic of Women of Color Online”

When:  2PM

Where:  USC Upstate, JM Smith Boardroom, Health Education Complex

Sponsor:  University of South Carolina, Upstate


April 15, 2013, Princeton, NJ

Who: CF Robin (rboylorn)

What:  A Digital Conversation with the Crunk Feminist Collective

When:  4:30PM (EST)

Where:  Frist Campus Center, Multipurpose Room C, Princeton University

Sponsor:  The Black History Month Committee, Carl A. Fields Center, LGBT Center, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Women’s Center


March 23, 2013, Harlem, NY

Photo: This Saturday join us in Harlem for the meeting of the minds bodies and soul!!!

Who:  CF Brittney (Crunktastic)

What:  “Fresh, Bold, And So Def: Women in Hip Hop” Panel

When:  4PM

Where:  Langston Hughes Auditorium, Schomburg Center

Sponsor:  The Schomburg Center’s Hip Hop 4.0 Initiative, NY Public Library for the Performing Arts, NYU’s Metro Hip Hop Education Center, and Breaking Silence: Passing the Mic To Our Daughters Project

 (Panel Discussion starts at 55 minute mark) 


March 23, 2013, Atlanta, GA

Who:  CFs Moya (moyazb), Sheri (Sheridf), Susana (Crunkadelic), Whitney (wpeeps), and Chanel (chanel)

What:  “From the Club to the Classroom: Exploring a Holistic Feminist Activist Consciousness”

When:  3PM

Where:  Reading Room of the Cosby Building, Spelman College

Sponsor:  Spelman College, 13th Annual Toni Cade Bambara Scholar Activism Conference


February 27, 2013, Stanford, CA

Who:  CF Brittney (Crunktastic)

What:  #PleasurePolitics Panel

When:  5:30

Where:  Roble Hall Theater, 374 Santa Teresa St.

Sponsor:  The Institute for Diversity in the Arts, Visiting Artist Joan Morgan, and the Program in Feminist Studies


February 18, 2013, Auburn, AL

Who:  CFs Sheri (sheridf), Moya (moyazb), Susana (Crunkadelic), and Eesha (eeshap)

What:  A Roundtable With the Crunk Feminist Collective

When:  4PM

Where:  Langdon Hall

Sponsor:  AU Connects! Common Book Program


November 8, 2012, California State University-East Bay

Who:  CF Sheri (sheridf)

What: “When ‘Keeping It Real’ Goes Wrong: Doing Crunk Feminist Readings of Reality in Media”

When:  6PM

Where:  Diversity Center, CSU East Bay

Sponsor:  ASI Presents, CSU East Bay


November 1, 2012, Atlanta, GA 

Who: CFs Moya (moyazb), Chanel (chanel), Whitney (wpeeps), Sheri (sheridf) and Asha (Crunkonia)

What: “Getting Crunk: Fierce Critical Feminism” — An Evening with the Crunk Feminist Collective

When: 4:15PM

Where: Emory University, Jones Room, Woodruff Library

Sponsor: Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


October 9, 2012, NYC

Who: CFs Brittney (Crunktastic) and Renina (ReninaJ)

What: Roundtable on Digital Community Formation

When: 6:30PM

Where: Barnard Center for Research on Women

Sponsor: Barnard Center for Research on Women

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October 9, 2012, Claremont, CA

Who:  CF Moya (moyazb)

What:  Digital Alchemy: Women of Color’s Trans*formative Social Justice Media Magic

When: 7:30PM

Where: Scripps College, Garrison Theater

Sponsor: Scripps College Humanities Institute

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September 20, 2012,  Aurora, NY

Who:  CF Moya (moyazb)

What:  Digital Alchemy: Women of Color’s Trans*formative Social Justice Media Magic

When: 12:30PM

Where: Art Exhibit Room, Macmillan Hall

Sponsor: Lisa Kahaleole

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