The Rage of White Folks

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If you let the news tell it, Black folks are rampaging all across the United States for no reason at all. Just looting and bashing police cars and making indulgent, extravagant messes across major urban areas when they should be at home getting their children fathers or learning how to not speak Ebonics.

Malcolm X newspaper quote

Or something like that.

Yes, many Black folk are righteously indignant about the fact that #Every28Hours a Black person is killed by some sort of law enforcement or vigilante. Every day or so a Black person gets their spine smashed while cuffed in a paddywagon, or gets shot in the back while they slowly run away, or gets shot while standing a crowd minding their own business, or gets shot while….

rekia boyd and others

Well, you get the picture.

So, yes, Black rage is real. But it’s far from the whole truth.

Quiet as it’s kept, it is white people who are angry. Livid. Enraged. No, #notallwhitepeople but enough for it to matter. And enough white supremacist superstructures are firmly set in place for the lives of people of color to be impacted in numerous reckless and devastating ways.

The rage within angry white people is deep, thick, and always threatening to bubble over. They have to choke down antacids to combat the stomach violence—that’s how much the anger burns from within. It makes them red all over, makes them ball up their fists at their sides, and yell into the air. They have to gun us down in the street every day to show who runs who.

They are angry because they are afraid. Very afraid.  And they should be afraid. Those of them that know the history of this country lay in their beds at night quaking at the thought that some Black or Brown person wants to come in, take what’s theirs, and slit their throats. Perhaps they consider the violence that this country has known and imagine it would only make sense that one day the oppressed would rise up like the descendants of Nat Turner’s Rebellion and make the streets red with their blood.

So, they say they fear for their lives when they cross the street to avoid us, clutch their threadbare purses in elevators, and shoot us in the back. They are afraid, so very afraid.

That’s to hear angry white people tell it.

Angry whites in America play the fear card all the time, fearing that ungrateful Black and Brown people will ruin all they’ve worked to steal build, while people of color know good and damn well that white people do not have to be the majority to run everything.

We remember South Africa.

Black and Brown people are afraid that a person with the authority imbued by white supremacy—a police officer, a landlord, shit, a guidance counselor—can do anything to you at any time and that there’s nothing you can do about it.

The six police officers charged with the death of Freddie Gray. Please note that not all your skinfolk are your kinfolk.
The six police officers charged with the death of Freddie Gray. Please note that not all your skinfolk are your kinfolk.

While whites lay in fear that the shifting demographics of this country and their impending minority status will leave them vulnerable to the kind of havoc they’ve wreaked for centuries, the rest of us are not sure if we can make eye contact with a police officer and come out with our voice boxes in tact. So very interesting.

white people minorites meme

So miss me with the call for “both sides” to have calm and reason. Reverse racism is not a thing, whether or not there is a Black man in the white house or Oprah is a billionaire. When a scholar cannot speak facts about racism on social media for fear of retribution, when you cannot assemble with your friends on the street without getting shot, when you cannot walk home wearing a hoodie in the rain without a maniacal vigilante gunning you down, I refuse to be calm. I refuse to be “reasonable” in the face of Black death, especially when being “reasonable” means being silenced and accepting my own marginalization. Not today, Satan.

(Also, miss me with any feigned outrage regarding “Black-on-Black violence.” Seriously, especially when 83% of whites are killed by other whites, maybe whites need a town hall on that or something).

Fix the hypocrisy, Lorde.
Fix the hypocrisy, Lorde.

The time has come for white people to take responsibility for their misplaced anger and violence. Don’t be mad when someone brings up racism. Be mad that there is racism. Be accountable for once. It’s time to stop playing the fear card.

13 thoughts on “The Rage of White Folks

  1. Great post. I agree with much of what you had to say, but I will mention that the angry white people I know do not in fact know anything about history and still hate and fear black people. When the police kill yet another black person, these are the people that rationalize the violence with “they don’t know how to act”, etc. The usual “they had it coming” bullshit. Most of them have no idea who Nat Turner is. They don’t know, and they don’t want to know. I think the racism comes from their home backgrounds and what the racist corporate mass media tells them to think

    1. Your much more hateful and harmful than this article could ever be. You’re afraid of the truth. You’re so defensive and desperate to cling to your own privelege, you can’t even see things clearly. Blakc folks can defend themselves and speak out on their own fucking websites. You are pure hate speech personified. I pity you and I hope you evolve.

  2. The real fear is having successful African American communities, because if all African Americans are successful, they wouldn’t have their race to blame for their disposition. Websites like this do nothing but continue to segregate cultures for the Liberal biased that feeds on that segregation for votes. Disgusting.

    1. As stated earlier. You don’t know history. Whites have destroyed black successfull communities. A city in Oklahoma, Detroit Ford plant. Auburn Ave. in Atlanta. It is the oopposite. Black success will destroy the myths of inferior. Why did we have to fight to have Black pilots in WW2 or basic human rights if all is ok. Look up what the Marines did to Hattie, and you see the affects today.

    2. I’m not white and even I can see this is nothing but hate speech. This is just as racist and disgusting as all the “whites” you’re being oppressed by. People like you do nothing more than give white people a hundred more reasons to hate minorities even more.

      1. People like you already hated minorities to begin with. They can’t win with people like you. If they act respectable, you walk all over them and abuse. If they stand up for themselves, you respond like this. Your rantings reveal you. Pigs like you are so racist and confused, you don’t even know how insane you are. You’re the kind of embarrassing white person we can’t stand. Your ignorance makes us look so bad. Please never reproduce and never speak. You’re thinking is too harmful.

  3. This is the most racist, misguided, and offensive post I have read online in a long time. No mention of the astronomically high black crime in America (literally 40-50 times higher than other races). No mention of the children that grow up without fathers. This is pure unproductive hatred of the lowest degree. For God’s sake, the person charged with the most serious crime in Baltimore was a black man! In your own picture! You don’t see the hypocrisy? Stop blaming everything on race, stop dragging this country back. And if you really really hate America so much, please just leave. Take your black supremacy and your racism to Europe or Africa leave us alone.

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