Rituals , Spells, and Intuition

I come from a world where you don’t mess with your ancestors, dreams have meaning, seashells give advice, upside down coffee cups tell stories, and practicing black magic has severe consequences. As a child, I would sit between my mother and aunties’ legs witnessing women tipping stained coffee cups to the side, preaching of ills and/or prosperity yet to come. I would listen intently to them speak of cleansing rituals and baths that needed to be performed to keep evil spirits and negativity at bay. They would mesmerize me recounting dreams where lottery numbers, impending pregnancies, and cheating husbands were part of encrypted messages. They’d talk about so-and-so’s future, what she needed to do to whip it in the right direction, and sometimes who the no-good person was to blame for “puttin’ somethin’ on her.”

My childhood memories are full of elders’ stories recounting all types of experiences with spirits and countless inexplicable events. Though, at the time, my young/Americanized self often questioned the logic of it all, I knew two things: some things you just don’t mess with; and our ancestors were more powerful than we could ever imagine. I learned that you could talk to the spirits that always protected you and rebuke the ones that were up to no good. It was clear that just because you didn’t see it, it didn’t mean it didn’t exist, and that some things you just couldn’t explain.

Is this too cryptic? Okay, I will give you a personal account. In college I was fortunate enough to study folkloric dance in Cuba for a month, with two of my closest friends. While there, we happened to meet a guy who told us that his uncle practiced Santería. We all came from similar backgrounds (i.e. we believed) and decided to visit the Santero. While in the waiting room, a woman (related to the Santero and a practitioner) looked at me and said “your ovaries are sick.” I looked at her in disbelief. She looked me in the eyes and repeated in a stern voice, “your ovaries are sick.” Later on during my actual session, I was told that my mate was cheating on me. I went back to the states, scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist, and found out that I had a medical condition. My ovaries were indeed sick.  My mate also proved to be a  hot – trifling – mess. Needless to say: I believe.

Years later I read The Secret and came to the conclusion that the quantum physics theory had nothing on the stories I would hear as a child and my first hand experiences as an adult. Yes, you do have the power to control your surroundings with positive thought. However, the reality is that if you aren’t on top of your shit (that includes living a positive life & listening to your intuition), other people’s ill intent will inevitably effect you. Sometimes people just put stuff on you. For those of you that still don’t understand that last statement, I will be clear: sometimes people put spells on you, or like my people like to say, practice the brujería.

So, what is a feminista to do? I really don’t know. What I can tell you is what I do. I try to live a positive life. I love. I pray. I made a vision board that inspires me daily. I also have a shrine to Yemaya (because the Santero told me she was always with me). I honestly just try to be the best person/daughter/sister/friend/girlfriend/earthling that I can be.

So, for those that continue to hate on me (and I am thinking of a few individuals in particular…probably reading this right now) you should know that I pray for you every night. I pray for your health, your emotional well-being, your success and your happiness. I know (because my intuition tells me) that you are up to no good.

You should stop.



Bathing in Florida water, honey and rose petals right now,


20 thoughts on “Rituals , Spells, and Intuition

  1. I love the conclusion that we are all charged to live the best life we possibly can, and BE our best selves…that is the ultimate spell to cast. We send our good out and it has to come back to us, no matter what. My dreams have solved disagreements, brought revelations, and provided reassurance about situations long before the actual situations were resolved. We must listen, speak, act and remember.

    1. “My dreams have solved disagreements, brought revelations, and provided reassurance about situations long before the actual situations were resolved.” ***round of applause*** My thoughts exactly [S|N- this specific comments just reaffirms that I am NOT CRAZY, just a li’l unwell ;9) ]

      Thanks for this post- I read this blog for affirmation, support and reassurance.

  2. Somewhat off topic, I think the Secret still applies. If people are using the Secret “against” you, you will find terribly things happening, which is why you must have a stronger sense of self and life so other people’s shenanigans wont get in your way, and also align yourself with positive folks that wont wish you ill will.

    I think The Secret is a universal theory/way of life that is aligned with the phenomena associated with things of this nature, with prayer, with almost any religious/spiritual act that you would like an outcome to occur.

    1. I totally agree. Although I’m not too familiar with the Secret, but I take it a lot of it is based off of Jerry and Esther Hicks/Abraham? There’s so many different manifestations of the Secret/The Law of Attraction, but I think the best way to describe it is that thoughts attract things.

  3. Do we need to schedule a Crunk Feminist site visit? LOL. Thank for the post and the video. I will heed your insights and be active in living the most positive life I can as well. Mmmmmwwwwwaaaa and a hug for you.

  4. Thank you for inspiring me to live the best I can every day – yes, I know there are people who think badly of me – I will up my endeavours to send them love and blessings.

  5. I loved your posting! While I don’t live my life by this or practice rituals or spells, that doesn’t mean I’m in disbelief either. LOL Having family from the Deep South, belief in the power of spirits is undeniable. So I was taught that what you put out into the world comes back to you so be careful. Right thought, right speech, right action indeed keep you away from all types of harm. 🙂

  6. I loved this post as well. Two things I wanted to speak on::
    1. Science tells us DNA is pretty much everything that makes us who we are and our DNA comes from our ancestors and so we are surviving manifestations of their greatness (or not-so-greatness) as our children will one day be ours. And so, although I was raised uber-Christian, I believe that ancestor worship, etc. is really paying homage to our genes and the power (that you spoke of) being passed on through us. So while I’m not religious, I feel like this makes plain sense
    2. As a poet and Communication scholar, I believe that there is power in sound vibration and that our thoughts and words are constantly manifesting (ever talk about somebody you hadn’t spoken to for years, and the next week you bump into them whether you wanted to or not??) and so Secret or no Secret, we have the power to claim and manifest in ways we can’t even fully fathom. I think for that reason, we should always be very deliberate with our words and our thoughts.

    I try to teach my students this without sounding like a creepy hippie. lol

  7. U Go Girl, Ur Fierce!!! From one Son of Yemaya to her Daughter I can tell you it only gets way better and a million times more interesting once you embrace what we are!!! Aché pa ti mija!!! I’ve been a Priest concecrated to Yemaya for over 27 years and I can tell you Mijita that Yemaya Es La Que Es….she’s the BOMB!!! Thank you for this beautiful Blog and keep them coming! I’m looking forward to hearing more of these! Maferefun Yemaya!!!…Now go on wit Ur bad self……Keep writting!!!!!

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