11 thoughts on “I Will Follow – A Movie Review

  1. I’m glad you brought this point up. On the colorism tip, if the movie focused on her immediate birth family, she may have come from a family where there is a “tradition” to keep it light(marry and/or have children with another light skinned person to increase the odds of having a light skinned child – this doesn’t always work. GOD/genetics has a great sense of humor).

    The character of Maye could’ve been breaking that “tradition” by going with a dark skinned brother and on the other tip, Maye’s going with Troy intimates that her choice of lovers is not fetishized by color. She may, first and foremost, truly love the men for WHO they are; looks could be secondary or even tertiary.

  2. I have not seen the film…but I am so impressed by the even critique of the film and as a result, will definitely get to a city where it is showing! 3 Thumbs up!!!

  3. This was amazing! I love Yolo’s invitation to self-reflection at the end and Moya, your faces during that are great! I hope you all do a regular review of movies and tv. Friends on Films!

  4. Stumbled on your review while looking for comments on the movie. Disclaimer I know the filmmaker, but I didnt see the the movie until the weekend and objectively loved it. On the audience reaction, I was a little saddened that the Queer characters elicited that kind of reaction at your viewing, they didnt at mine. I saw on the West side of LA and the audience was a real movie going crowd and was really into the movie (we all sat through the entire credits) , but no real reaction to the gay characters except really being drawn into their scenes. Funny biggest reaction in my theatre was gasps of recognition because one of the men is hugely popular in LA as the King of “eyebrows”, major successful entrepeneur with shops in NY and Beverly Hills. Totally appropriate she would know him since she was a make-up artist. When I was leaving I heard two women talking about how they loved his eyebrows, been to his shop, etc.. The only thing I noticed about the boy and the men was that he was really into their car (real typical young male stuff). I guess Maseratis trump. The only negative reaction was to a Tyler Perry Madea film trailer that ran before the film!

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