Juicy pineapple

They say eating pineapples makes your juices taste good.

Lately, I find myself ordering lots of fruit salads, tryin’ to guarantee that my juices keep her coming back for more.

She doesn’t know this of course.

I mean, I know she loves me and I know she loves my goodies but still … I’m trying to lock this one DOWN.

I’m not sure how she does it.

Again and again.

Well maybe, I do.

It’s the way she looks in those boxers I selfishly buy “for” her.

Her soft skin on mine.

The way all her juices penetrate my lips.

It’s the fact that she makes each night feel like I’m at a Maxwell concert.

The screams always surprises me.


I never have enough time to grab that pillow.

What must the new neighbors think?


3 thoughts on “Pineapples

  1. I love it. It’s the little things like that when you are in a relationship that are keenly missed since I’m not in one at the moment.

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