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2012: It’s the End of the World & Our Hearts Are Broken

The Mayans had it right A world came to an end Ask any parent of six or seven year old children But there is however a conflict About the date of this major event This world ended December 14th in Newtown Connecticut Our hearts are broken Our hearts are broken In what world does this happen? Our hearts are so tragically broken For the loss of 27 women and children Our hearts are irreparably broken This kind of a world has got to end 2012 marks a record for the worst year of U.S. mass shootings Georgia Ohio Pittsburgh California …Read more »

We are Not Your Weapons. . .We are Women.

Two weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I started to write what I thought was a very clever editorial about violence against women in Haiti. The case, I believed, was being overstated by women’s organizations in need of additional resources. Ever committed to preserving the dignity of Black men in a world which constantly stereotypes them as violent savages, I viewed this writing as yet one more opportunity to fight “the man” on behalf of my brothers. That night, before I could finish the piece, I was held on a rooftop in Haiti and raped repeatedly by one of the …Read more »

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