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Really Regis?!

Dear Regis Philbin, Please watch this video of YOU, Regis Philbin, co-host of Regis and Kelly, SMACKING NICKI MINAJ’S ASS! I’ll wait… No I won’t, min 3:40 Other Crunk women of color have waxed poetic about this so I won’t belabour the point. It doesn’t matter that her last name is Minaj or that she’s black and a “she” so you thought it would be ok, that her ass is awesome, rumored to be fake, that she talks about sex explicity in her music. That’s not an invitation to sexual harassment on national television. You don’t get a pass because you’re …Read more »

A Return to Myself: A Delayed Response to For Colored Girls

I finally saw For Colored Girls yesterday with ambivalence.  I had promised myself that I would not go, that I would not give Tyler Perry another 8 of my dollars, that I would not subject myself to false images of myself, and that I would hold on to the For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf that I knew and fell in love with by myself– I knew I could not resist forever.  A colleague has asked me to offer input on a piece he is writing about the film.  I will be teaching the …Read more »

Tyler Perry almost walked off wid alla my stuff

An open letter to my students, my close friend, and my mother: When I left the movie theater after watching Tyler Perry Presents For Colored Girls I felt like Tyler Perry took something from me.  I went to see the film with a close friend and I was ready to feel some of the complexity of black womanhood that I had experienced as a child seeing the play with my mother, then taking my siblings to see it, then seeing it on my own last year, and having read the book.  I recognize that oftentimes details get lost in translation …Read more »

Crunk Feminist Roundtable — NWSA 2010

Below are links to our most recent CFC Roundtable at NWSA 2010. Enjoy and tell us what you think.   Part I Part II

The R-Word: Why “Rigorous” is the New Black

National Women’s Studies Association Conference (NWSA) 2010: Final Thoughts Since last year, the NWSA has been a magically inclusive space for the CFC. It has been like an oasis, a thirst quenching dose of amazing women of color from every possible place you could imagine. This intentionality around inclusivity is undoubtedly attributable in no small part to the work of pioneering Black feminist scholar Beverly Guy-Sheftall. The many CFs who are students of hers are proud of her and we want to say a personal crunk thank you for the transformative work she and her colleagues have done for NWSA. …Read more »

In Praise of non-Famous Black Women

As I ran on the treadmill this morning at Duke University, realizing that I am presently a doctoral student in the English program, preparing for my preliminary exams (some call them “comprehensive”) and teaching a course to a group of first years, I realized that I was literally not supposed to be there…on the treadmill…running…at Duke.  You see, while studying during my undergraduate days, I was horribly unprepared for the rigors of the institution, the culture shock that forced me to reconsider class – I thought I was “middle class” until I realized that my parents were much closer to …Read more »

More Dispatches from NWSA

Sheri on the Classroom: a theater, dance studio, a closed door private space, a garden, an offering and opportunity, a place for tensions, burning, eruptions, cooling, change. Speaking of the classroom we have been going to school in various pedagogical sessions and in the hallways.  SolHot rocked some embodied scholarship when Chamaura and Dominique danced their scholarship to Erykah Badu’s Window Seat and discussed the moves they loved, why they loved them, and how collective dance choreography is incorporated into the work they do with young black girls in Urbana-Champaign, IL. CF Chanel did an amazing popular education workshop not …Read more »

Dispatches from NWSA

Hi Family, We thought we would share a few our experiences here at the 31st annual National Women’s Studies Association Conference. On Thursday night, Andrea (Andy) Smith along with Renya Ramirez rocked the house in a keynote called “Indigenous Feminisms: Theories, Methods, and Politics.” We thought they worked really well together. Ramirez provided the scaffolding with a much-needed discussion of the range of native and indigenous feminisms and praxis both here and globally. Andy Smith said way too much to recount here, but in particular she reminded us that white supremacy has three pillars, anti-black racism, settler colonialism, and orientalism. …Read more »

The Contract

Once upon a time when Crunkista was a graduate student, she was heavily addicted to procrastination. It was her drug of choice. She made friends with another queer woman of color in graduate school who shared in her unhealthy habit and their marathon nights of not getting any actual work done are the things comic strips are made of. On one of those particular nights, we were talking about how hard it was to be single, queer, and broke graduate students. (Side note, we were both very gay but never EVER dated. Everyone thought we dated because we were inseparable …Read more »

On #ForColoredGirls *Spoiler Alert*

I got to see an advanced screening of Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls promoted as a fundraiser for Sistersong and Sisterlove, two of my favorite social justice organizations and collaborators in a campaign called Trust Black Women. Before the film, Loretta Ross, black feminist warrior activist, described their work to get billboards taken down in Atlanta that compared black women’s decisions to terminate their pregnancies with genocide. They represent some of the fiercest women of color reproductive justice organizers in the South and beyond, and like the fierceness of Shange’s original choreopoem, their brilliance was smothered and silenced by a …Read more »

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