The R-Word: Why “Rigorous” is the New Black

National Women’s Studies Association Conference (NWSA) 2010: Final Thoughts Since last year, the NWSA has been a magically inclusive space for the CFC. It has been like an oasis, a thirst quenching dose of amazing women of color from every possible place you could imagine. This intentionality around inclusivity is undoubtedly attributable in no small […]

Dispatches from NWSA

Hi Family, We thought we would share a few our experiences here at the 31st annual National Women’s Studies Association Conference. On Thursday night, Andrea (Andy) Smith along with Renya Ramirez rocked the house in a keynote called “Indigenous Feminisms: Theories, Methods, and Politics.” We thought they worked really well together. Ramirez provided the scaffolding […]

The Contract

Once upon a time when Crunkista was a graduate student, she was heavily addicted to procrastination. It was her drug of choice. She made friends with another queer woman of color in graduate school who shared in her unhealthy habit and their marathon nights of not getting any actual work done are the things comic […]