Dating While Feminist: Anatomy of an Intellectual Affair

Recently, I had a five-hour ice-cream date with an intelligent, ambitious, chocolate cutie, with friendly eyes and a great smile. Yep, I said five hours. He’s a great conversationalist, wonderful at asking questions, and pretty interesting himself. He showed genuine interest in my career, my research, and my recent career-related travels. He respects my intelligence, […]

Take No Prisoners: The Policing of Black Girls

On June 16, two Black, female, Seattle teenagers were arrested and detained for jaywalking. Marilyn Levias, the 19 year-old perpetrator, unwisely chose to resist arrest. When her friend, 17 year-old Andrea Rosenthal, intervened on her behalf, the arresting officer, Ian Walsh, punched Rosenthal in the face. She was charged with third degree assault; after apologizing […]

How to Piss Off an Indian (Advice from an Indian-American Feminist)

For me, this recent HuffPo article really struck a nerve. Cleverly disguised as flattery, this article so effortlessly reduces Indian people to their “datability” and crushes a culture of 28 states, numerous faiths and hundreds of languages into one spiffy little assessment. The author, Andrea Miller, who is married to an Indian man, mentions 7 […]