a praise song for mamas: a mother’s day mix

I am invested in sepia mamas. My mother lines my eyelids and floats my dreams. She sits on the right hand of the throne she abdicated to all I might become. “Mama gonna work it out,” Martin versioned at his best. Her frame, I shouldn’t calcify. And I’ll leave her flesh be. I know they all can’t be spirit walkers, miracle workers, love lighters but my life tells me so. And just surviving the ‘buking and scorning is worth sainthood. Much more is our mothers’ legacy though, my life, but one humble example. As these years have gone by, I have come to know the women who’ve mothered me as real people with fears and faults and that has not diminished their astounding light. My soul feels good about the ties that bind and with this mix I sound thanks.

a praise song for mamas: a mother’s day mix
mixes by jalylah

“Momma” Hodges, James & Smith
“The Sweetest Song” Stu Gardner
“Blessed” The Emotions
“Echoes Of Love” Black Magic
“Mama Used To Say” Junior
“I Wish” Stevie Wonder/ “Hamburger” Eddie Murphy
“I’ll Always Love My Mama” The Intruders
“Mama Says” Black Magic
“Mama Prayed For Me” The Williams Brothers
“Do You Know Where Your Children Are” Birthright /“Mothers and Fathers” Bill Cosby
“Don’t Cry Mommy” Phylicia Allen
“My Love Is Your Love” Whitney Houston
“All I Can Become” Emily King
“The Sweetest Song (Part II)” Stu Gardner


This mix is no longer available. 

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16 thoughts on “a praise song for mamas: a mother’s day mix

  1. “I am invested in sepia mamas. My mother lines my eyelids and floats my dreams.”

    Just beatiful, Chile….

    1. You’re quite welcome, young lady! But, as one of those “sepia mamas,” so sick of folk (white AND Black) denigrating our children and damn-near convincing a lot of them that they’re not fit to live; are devoid of the love feelings you so wonderfully expressed here; are not even able to become, reaching that place of understanding about the “human-ness” that you’ve come to know, all without taking any personal/social responsibility for any of it – I need to be thanking you! Because you see, you, and others like you, give the lie to all of it. As I follow you and your sisters here at the collective, I see that you guys get it and are doing your damndest to make sure that those who’ve been thrown away get it too. I’ma stop right here cuz my eyes are startin’ to sting! 🙂 But let me just say that I am as proud of you ladies as any of your Mamas would be!

  2. Love the idea of the mixtape! I did a CD for my Mummy about 3 years ago for Mother’s Day, and she loved it. In the future, I will re-gift this idea **smiles** HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAMMAS, MUMMIES et al! #IAMTRAYVONMARTIN

    1. yep. i’ve made mixes for my mom on her bday and mother’s day a couple times. great heartfelt gift and doesn’t require breaking bank and these are linty pocket times ; )

  3. Thank you for the thoughts so many of us share about our own mothers and about being mothers ourselves. Should add ‘Dear Mama’ by Tupac. Although gritty, a heartfelt tribute to Mama’s everywhere & the love their children have for them and all the mothers have done for their children. Blessings to all the “Mama’s” out there. WE are what keeps this crazy train of life going.

  4. Thanks Tracey! You got me thinking. Why don’t folks share their favorite mama song in the comments?

    Mine, at present, is on the mix. It’s “The Sweetest Song” by Stu Gardner (also known as composer of the Cosby Show themes). I hear it and tear up. Every time!

    1. My mother died 16 years ago, exactly 2 weeks before my 40th birthday. My favorite mamma song still, when I think of her, is Patti Labelle’s, “You Are My Friend” (http://youtu.be/lzEChdqjbGY). I requested it be sung at her funeral.

      Currently, my favorite is “Mama hold my hand” (http://youtu.be/hFIIcC-4x-U) by Aloe Blacc. I’m still in the “Mama leave my hand” phase of the song with my two young men (no wives or kids yet) – sometimes hard, sometimes not. But when they, at times, come up and bear-hug me for no apparent reason – I get why the “leaving their hands” is so damned important.

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