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June 28, 2013, Atlanta GA

Who:  CF Robin (rboylorn)

What:  Book Talk (Sweetwater: Black Women and Narratives of Resilience)

Where:  Charis Books and More, the South’s oldest and largest feminist bookstore

Sponsor:  Charis Books and More & The Crunk Feminist Collective


If you are interested in bringing one or more Crunk Feminists to speak to your campus, community group, church or organization, you can find out more info here: http://www.crunkfeministcollective.com/booking-info/.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hearing the CFC at the speaking event at Emory recently was a great experience. I was moved to tears on the verge of spilling, and the feeling of solidarity was profound. I have only one complaint: your blog states that you aim to give a voice to women and men of color, but I notice that you don’t seem to have a voice for “yellow” women of color. As a Chinese-Malaysian-American woman of (yellow) color, the talk at Emory on Thursday Nov 1 about belonging and finding a space where “we” belong rang a little hollow to me. While I felt a fervor, a solidarity forming, I felt it was not mine to be a part of. I was also, to be fair, disappointed in the lack of turnout of the Asian community at the event. In the spirit of Maxine Hong Kingston and Sonia Shah: where are the “other” women of color?

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