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Dear Universe: A Book Talk with Yolo Akili

One of the perks of writing for the CFC is I get to shed light on projects that excite me. Dear Universe is one such project and it comes from my dear friend Yolo Akili. We had the opportunity to talk about his unique book and how it pushes the boundaries of traditional self-help and New age genres. Enjoy! 1. What made you want to write a book with this format of affirmations? My love of affirmation books made me want to put it in this format. I grew up reading books by Iyanla Vanzant, Susan Taylor, Wayne Dyer, Pema …Read more »

The Immediate Need For Emotional Justice

The Immediate Need For Emotional Justice Guest Post by Yolo Akili “Emotional Justice” is a term widely recognized as coined by journalist and Radio Host Esther Armah.   Oppression is trauma. Every form of inequity has a traumatic impact on the psychology, emotionality and spirituality of the oppressed. The impact of oppressive trauma creates cultural and individual wounding. This wounding produces what many have called a  “pain body”, a psychic energy that is not tangible but can be sensed, that becomes an impediment to the individual and collective’s ability to transform and negotiate their conditions. Emotional justice is about working …Read more »

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