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Crunk Feminist Dreams: What 2014 May Bring

December is the month of the top ten lists, reflections on the past 12 months, and critical assessments of the year and its goings on. There are even top-ten lists that curate the top ten best top ten lists. Then January comes. We recover from our exertions over the holiday season, return to our schedules, perhaps with a resolution in tow or some loose intention about being better this year, or doing more, or doing less. But now, it’s almost February and what of our intentions? What of our hopes for this year? In an effort to say things out …Read more »

“Grounded and Ready To Soar”: Notes From the 2013 CFC Retreat

The business of our everyday lives (jobs, mothering, aunt-ing, loving and making love, creating and tearing down (oppressions), building and holding up, going in and coming out, taking care of ourselves and others, etc.) has been strenuous over the past 23 months. The CFC has grown exponentially since our March 2010 launch. In 2012 we added 127 new blog posts and our blog had over 1 million views with visitors from 212 countries (thank you!). We have nearly 12,400 likes on Facebook, active Tumblr and Twitter accounts, and our blogs are regularly re-posted on other sites (thank you!). We have attended …Read more »

How Do You Get Crunk?

  For us, Crunk Feminism has always been about showcasing the possibilities of existing productively with our contradictions, about embracing our tensions,  about avoiding easy answers, about not preaching to the choir, about struggling and making-meaning in community, and about having side-spliting fun, whenever possible. In short, we believe in getting CRUNK, in all the expansive ways we can imagine that term,  whether that has meant telling it like it is to whomever needs to hear it, rolling hard for the crew, giving the forceful side eye (and a few well-chosen words) to rappers who’ve gotten out of pocket, or conversely …Read more »

“Damn, I Shoulda Said. . .” Vol. 1

Have y’all ever had one of those “Damn, I shoulda said. . .” moments? Generally this happens after someone has told you something totally unreasonable as though it were the most reasonable ish in the world. I had one of these conversations with my cousin recently. He told me he had been reading the blog and keeping up with what I was doing. Woohoo!  “You know,” he said,  “I think you’re a man-basher.” Huh? Immediately, I began  to mentally sift through the pieces I’ve written for the blog, searching for the day when I or any other CF had declared …Read more »

Meeting Girls Where They Are

A Crunk Take on the Latest Anti-Choice Legislation

Check out CFC member Eesha on GRITtv. She’s dropping knowledge on some of the latest anti-choice tactics. [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.935215&w=425&h=350&fv=] more about “A Crunk Take on the Latest Anti-Choic…“, posted with vodpod Source

The Future is Now

Last week, on the CNN show Amanpour, I heard a discussion between the host of the show (and long-time anchor-crush of mine. Anderson who?) Christiane Amanpour talking with Louise Vance and Marie Wilson (founder of The White House Project) about feminism today. While I can’t track down a video clip of the conversation, the transcript is here. Filmmaker, Louise Vance has just created a film which will show on PBS called “Seneca Falls.”  She says, “I think what’s common is that women of all ages, but particularly young women, have no idea that the condition of women 150 years ago …Read more »

Dear Patriarchy,

Dear Patriarchy, This isn’t working. We both know that it hasn’t been working for a very long time. It’s not you…no actually, it is you. This is an unhealthy, dysfunctional, abusive relationship because of you. You are stifling, controlling, oppressive and you have never had my best interest at heart. You have tricked me into believing that things are the way they are because they have to be, that they have always been that way, that there are no alternatives and that they will never change. Anytime I questioned you or your ways, you found another way to silence me …Read more »

[Sigh]…I am so tired.

Sometimes there are good days to be a crunk feminist. Sometimes there are bad days to be a crunk feminist – demoralizing, dehumanizing, frustratingly sad…sad…sad…days. Today was one of those days. I sat in on an undergraduate Women’s and Gender Studies course where the topic of the day was gay rights. Sigh. Within an hour, students weighed in on the pros and cons of gay marriage. Some comments were thoughtful, some were insightful, others however…others, however, just broke my heart. Sigh. Students defended upholding civil unions and not gay marriage because and I quote “humans are curious, if we allow …Read more »

Hip Hop Generation Feminism: A Manifesto

We are Hip Hop Generation Feminists.  We unapologetically refer to ourselves as feminist because we believe that gender, and its construction through a white patriarchal capitalist power structure fundamentally shapes our lives and life possibilities as women of color across a range of sexual identities.  We are members of the Hip Hop Generation because we came of age in one of the decades, the 1990s, that can be considered post-Soul and post-Civil Rights. Our political realities have been profoundly shaped by a systematic rollback of the gains of the Civil Rights era with regard to affirmative action policies, reproductive justice …Read more »

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