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Open Letter to Bishop Joseph Walker and the Members of SHIFT

  [Note to our readers: One of the things we are passionate about is challenging structures of domination. Crunktastic is especially passionate about challenging those structures in the Church, which plays a disproportionately significant role in the lives of Black women and women of color. So the open letter printed below is in response to an egregious act of sexism recently committed by members of the Full Gospel Baptist denomination of the Black Baptist Church. Thanks for reading and sharing.]   December 12, 2013 Open Letter to Presiding Bishop-Elect Joseph W. Walker III and the “By Invitation Only” Attendees of …Read more »

5 Reasons I’m Here for Beyonce’, the Feminist

Last night while we were all still trying to get our lives after the Scandal Season Finale Part I, Beyonce’ stealth dropped a new self-titled totally unpromoted album.     The fact that she managed to pull that ish off undetected means we can conclude only one thing: #BitchBad!       Yes, I said, “Bitch bad.” Didn’t even do the watered down version “Bish.”Sometimes to make a statement you have to use all your vowels and consonants!     Since I usually be feeling kinda spent after the weekly rendezvous with Scandal, I fell asleep. But woke up to …Read more »

The Western Gaze: On Photography in the Two-Thirds World

A note on the title. [1] A young guy with a sandy brown mop of hair, t-shirt, khakis, and sneakers crouched about 10 feet from where I stood in Dilli Haat, an outdoor crafts market in New Delhi, and focused his telephoto lens. My eyes followed the direction he pointed his camera, where I saw it to be aimed at one of the artisans who had come to sell his wooden handicrafts. About 80, the artisan is wearing a crisp, white sherwani, amidst bright pink and yellow sheets of fabric suspended from a stone tower in a pattern evocative of one …Read more »

Fuck Sears, or When Mall Cops Attack

Any one that knows me, knows that I do not like the Internet. I just don’t trust it. Too much of our personal information is out there and it is completely out of our control. It took me years to get a smart phone because I thought that having a smart phone would jeopardize my already limited privacy. My little sister, the tech-geek of the family, finally convinced me to ditch my flip phone and get a smart phone. Apparently, I was embarrassing her with my “very archaic form of communication.” So I did. I linked it to my email …Read more »

On Black Men Showing Up for Black Women at the Scene of the Crime

Two nights ago I showed up to the Brecht Forum in Brooklyn ready to have a conversation about what we mean when we say “ally, privilege, and comrade.” I showed up to have that discussion after months of battle testing around these issues in my own crew. Over these months I’ve learned that it is far easier to be just to the people we don’t know than the people we do know. So there I sat on a panel with a white woman and a Black man. As a Black feminist, I never quite know how political discussions will go …Read more »

De-Tangling Racism: On White Women and Black Hair

Pictures from a new exhibit by photographer Endia Beal called “Can I Touch It?” showcase several white women, all corporate execs, who agreed to get a “Black hairstyle” and then have their portrait taken. Apparently, this very quotidian fixation with Black women’s bodies and Black women’s hair is now the stuff of art exhibits. This project started when Beal began permitting many of her white corporate colleagues to touch her big red ‘fro, to pull it even, while she photographed them doing it. Over the summer, a friend and I happened upon the “You Can Touch My Hair” exhibit that …Read more »

Twerking Makes the Oxford Dictionary on the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

What do twerking and Hurricane Katrina have to do with each other? Absolutely everything. I know that y’all have been inundated with discussions of twerking since Miley’s unfortunate, insidious, and downright bad performance at the VMA’s earlier this week. There have been some really great pieces about all that is wrong with her performance here and here. So I will not retread this ground. But when I woke up this morning to discover that the word “twerk” is now being added to the Oxford English Dictionary, I felt some type of way. I felt the same type of way years …Read more »

Moving Forward

Dear Readers, We have been moving through a season of transition here at the CFC. We are choosing to be transparent with you, our community of readers, about these transitions because we are accountable to you, not only for what we say publicly but for the integrity that undergirds our message. Some members have formally decided to leave the collective. Many of you read Moya’s farewell post last week. The CFC simply would not be the group or entity it is without the labor of love that Moya provided for the past three years, and we are deeply grateful for …Read more »

Trayvoning and Distance: Whiteness and the Problem with Pronouns

He distinctly remembers, some decade or so ago – much younger, more rigid and sanctimonious then – saying, “we do not want them to think we accept their sin.” New Spirit of Penn, the University of Pennsylvania’s gospel choir – but what was really, in his mind at least, his choir in the way he tried to own and control, in the way he tried to posture and preach – was asked to sing at the annual QPenn celebration that year (2001). Though there were rumors and a bit of concrete reasoning as to why he was likely a closet …Read more »

The Time Isn’t Right, But It Is Now: Processing Our Anger for Trayvon the Black Feminist Way

I am still angry that Trayvon Martin’s murderer is a free man. I know many of you are still reeling, too, and that you share my sense of despair and helplessness. Every time I see George Zimmerman’s defense team, Mark O’Mara and Don West, give another interview and brazenly suggest that it is Zimmerman who is the victim, Zimmerman who is in danger, Zimmerman who was unfairly racially targeted, I alternate between wanting to throw something at the tv and wanting to summon all my evangelical roots to call down the fire and brimstone of an Old Testament God who …Read more »

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