Lynching Remixed: The Execution of Troy Davis

On Wednesday, the state of Georgia will execute Troy Davis for the 1989 murder of police office Mark MacPhail. Since Davis was convicted in 1991, 7 of the prosecution’s 9 witnesses have recanted their statements, and have repeatedly given testimony to courts and to the media that their testimony was coerced. Additional witnesses have come […]

Refereeing Serena: Racism, Anger, and U.S. (Women’s) Tennis

Yesterday, I tuned in, as I have done nearly every summer since I was nine or ten years old, to watch the finals of the U.S. Open. Serena Williams was vying for her 15th Grand Slam title against Australian player Sam Stosur. As I tuned in, I steeled myself for the endless stream of racist commentary from the sportscasters, […]