Dispatches from the Black Women’s Intellectual History Conference

Hi all: I am blessed to be spending my weekend among a number of wonderful junior and senior scholars who engage in the work of Black women’s intellectual history. “Towards An Intellectual History of Black Women: An International Conference,” happening this weekend at Columbia, is one of the premier events highlighting the work of the […]

Shayne Lee, Your Revolution Will Not Happen Between These Thighs: An Open Letter

Dear Shayne Lee, In light of the recent publication of your book Erotic Revolutionaries and the venomous, malevolent, and vitriolic campaign that you have undertaken against our colleague and ally Tamura Lomax of The Feminist Wire in response to her forthcoming review of your work in the journal Palimpsest, we want to unequivocally affirm our support […]

I’d like to see YOU jump without a safety net: Why the Republicans’ Budget Proposal is Morally Bankrupt

Darling CF’s, Today, I bring you your regularly scheduled crunk policy analysis. I am a bit of a policy nerd, admittedly. Not because I enjoy inaccessible wonkery, but because I think it informs my activism to know as much as I can about the intricacies of policy proposals and political agendas. That said, I must […]