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“We Created A Circle”: Reflections on the CFC Retreat

We began making plans for our first Crunk Feminist retreat months in advance.  The first attempt, in May, failed because of an unexpected death in Brittney’s family.  We initially planned a workshop-like gathering in Atlanta on Emory’s campus but the postponement, coupled with hectic schedules and life’s work, lasted one year. Our second attempt, scheduled for February 2011, nearly a year from when we started, would be a weekend getaway in the mountains of north Georgia.  Eight of us confirmed our plans to attend.  Aisha Durham, Moya Bailey, Asha French (and baby Asali), Susana Morris, Brittney Cooper, Sheri Davis-Faulkner, Whitney …Read more »

What’s Love Got To Do With it? Attacks on Reproductive Justice

Everything. Love has everything to do with it. I’ll explain. This month we’ve been talking about love in many of its forms here at the CFC. In another corner of our world, though unfortunately one in which we all still live and try our best to love, there is an ongoing attack on women, our families and our most treasured communities. I’m sure that many of you have heard about the various bills being introduced in Washington and around the country that target women’s access to health care. Access to comprehensive reproductive health care.  Access to abortion. I’ve been working …Read more »

no love

i don’t write love poetry anymore or/poetry about love my heart and bed are empty my thoughts a distant memory of/what love used to be * i once wrapped my life & legs around him watched from the outside as i lost myself in someone else who didn’t lose himself in me it was an out of body experience & when he touched me, he moved me mentally his voice melted me like butter & in his presence i was weak when he would walk into a room it was his eyes that would speak saying, “Robin, c’mere” & i …Read more »

Praise the Lorde!

On this day, in 1934, Audre Lorde was born. She named herself “black, lesbian, feminist, mother, poet warrior” and gave us the words to do the same. Although many quotes will be in circulation today, I’d like to offer this one up, as a particularly good example of Lorde’s crunkness. All too often the message comes loud and clear to Black women from Black men: “I am the only prize worth having and there are not too many of me, and remember, I can always go elsewhere. So if you want me, you’d better stay in your place which is away from …Read more »

A Love Poem for Single Mothers

Hey girl, I’m calling Cause I got your text Seems you might need a hug And a minute to vent   So you spent one more night Trying to find the words To explain that joint parenting Means joint work That what he can’t pay for Can be supplemented with time Especially since you’re working And studying at night   He seems to believe That you are well paid Even though you are overqualified For a job that you hate But you stay cause you have to And your boss knows that well But her singing your praises Is not …Read more »


*** NOT WORK APPROPRIATE “Why Miss Celie, she say. You still a virgin.” –Alice Walker, The Color Purple “can/you touch yrself/&/when you do/ do you rush to say/ ‘get thee behind me/Satan?’” –Ntozake Shange, “intermittent celibacy” One. The First Lady and the girl are tarrying for anointing. She has spent her teenaged summer wondering why God has not made her body worthy of the Spirit that stretches women across the Pentecostal pews, speaking in tongues and falling out under the touch of the First Lady. She has finally walked down the carpeted aisle toward First Lady’s towering hat, her outstretched …Read more »

Living Single

I hate the term single. Despite the fact that most of us come in to this world by ourselves and leave that way there’s an expectation of partnering in the interim. And while you are granted a bit more of a reprieve from single shade* in queerdom, there’s still a palpable partner privilege that operates. Couples only hang outs, automatic invites to your partner’s friends’ functions, less unwanted amorous attention because you’re read as off limits, more respect for your time as it’s obviously being impacted by another person, etc. I’ve had the unfortunate but not uncommon experience of losing …Read more »

Single, Saved, and Sexin’: The Gospel of Gettin’ Your Freak On

Note: This is the first post in our month long series on sex, love, and relationships. To protect the anonymity of the CFs and so that we may speak more freely, many of us will be posting this month under the Collective pseudonym CrunkAsHell. We will also let you know whenever a post is NSFW (not safe for work). Happy Reading! Like most conservative Christian folks, I grew up believing, that sex was reserved for marriage. For years my sexual experiences were laden with guilt. I routinely went years at a time with no sexual contact, until I would finally, …Read more »

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