Monthly Archives: November 2010

In the Meantime: Some Thoughts on Voting

I got a lot on my mind, so bear with me.  Though the gains the Republicans/Tea Partiers/general all-around fools have made this past Tuesday should be no surprise, they are, nonetheless, disheartening.  Living in Alabama where the electoral choices seem to be conservative candidate A v. ultra-conservative candidate  B, it’s hard for this crunk feminist to feel good about her choices. ‘Cause let’s be real: when you choose between the lesser of two evils, you’re still choosing evil. Nonetheless, with a heavy heart, I went down to my local voting spot to exercise my right and, to be honest, to …Read more »

Brothers Who Just Don’t Get It: A Hump Day Rant

I have refrained from commenting on the Black Marriage Negotiation Videos for multiple reasons: I found them to be somewhat funny, I’ve been busy, and I’m tired of the single black man/single black woman finger pointing game that most of us are pros at by now. As I watched the videos though,  I was unconvinced that I was seeing a “balanced” portrait. While the videos presented both sides of the issue, and while the one in which the sister was the problem rung true at several levels, the one with the brother was not as sharp, witty, or true. It …Read more »

Love Is Not Enough: Some (Disjointed) Thoughts on Jay-Z and Dating in the Hip Hop Generation

“Love is not enough” has been my relationship mantra for several years. By it, I mean that just because I love someone doesn’t mean we are supposed to be together or to stay together. One of my classic exit lines is “let me leave while I still love you. I don’t want to have to hate you.” For many folks, I could be talking about a romantic relationship, or I could be talking about our relationship to Hip Hop. Last week Jay-Z gave an interview in the Wall Street Journal in preparation for his new book Decoded. Co-written with dream …Read more »

For Colored Girls Blog Carnival

  Dear QBG/CFC Bloggers, Friends, colleagues, and more,   With the premiere of Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls approaching, we at Quirky Black Girls are planning a blog carnival concerning the movie. A blog carnival consists of hosting a webpage where linked blog posts discuss a similar subject. We know that many people are going to blog about the movie, the way that it relates (or doesn’t) to Shange’s original work, how it represents black women and men, how triflin’ it is, so we decided to create a central location where people could read it all! If you would like to participate in the carnival, please …Read more »

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