Monthly Archives: March 2010

First World Fatigue

This past weekend an 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Chile. There have been cries of condolence and global relief efforts for the Chilean people, but after a day or two, news about Chile had largely disappeared from the news cycle. News of the earlier massive earthquake in Haiti has already fallen away from the mainstream news for quite some time, eclipsed by the Winter Olympics and the latest headline about the Kardashians or “The Bachelor.” Indeed, I’ve hardly seen any Haiti news of late,  except for discussions of the sort-of -sucky remake of “We are the World” (Justin Bieber? Really?) and …Read more »

Hip Hop Generation Feminism: A Manifesto

We are Hip Hop Generation Feminists.  We unapologetically refer to ourselves as feminist because we believe that gender, and its construction through a white patriarchal capitalist power structure fundamentally shapes our lives and life possibilities as women of color across a range of sexual identities.  We are members of the Hip Hop Generation because we came of age in one of the decades, the 1990s, that can be considered post-Soul and post-Civil Rights. Our political realities have been profoundly shaped by a systematic rollback of the gains of the Civil Rights era with regard to affirmative action policies, reproductive justice …Read more »

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